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Shema Past

History of Shema Yisrael:


How Shema Yisrael Came to Be

Our congregation was established by Jonathan Bernis in 1984 and was blessed to be able to meet in a downtown church for four years.  In 1988, we took a major step of faith and bought and renovated our current facility on North Winton Road.  We have been greatly blessed to have this facility as our home for 30 years.  Many people, both Jewish and Gentile, have found the Lord here, been set free from bondage, connected with their Jewish Roots, received a Biblical understanding of God's plan for Israel and gained an understanding of our relationship to the laws of Moses.  Significant events have also taken place here and many outreaches have been launched from here including Sharing Our Bread, our Russian Outreach, Holiday Celebrations, Aleph Clubs, Fishing Outreach Trips, the Chanukah Light Show, the Annual March of Remembrance, Bridge Bags and our Public Market Outreach.  

What Shema Yisrael Stands for 

We Exist to:

  • Reach Jewish people with the good news of Messiah Yeshua and too connect them personally with the God of Israel.


  • Disciple Jewish and non-Jewish believers into spiritual maturity.

  • Inspire believers to connect with the Jewish roots of their faith and gain a Biblical understanding of God's plan for Israel and our relationship to the Laws of Moses.

Quotes from Members

Here we honor the Lord's appointed Times. Our teachings are biblical, and we are fed spiritually. 

 Don Barone

I was drawn to Shema by the love I felt the first time I walked through the door; how people were so nice without knowing who I was.

                                              Lisa Rivera

I am excited because God is moving - spiritually and physically. I believe this is part of God's end times scenario - and we are a part of what He is doing. 

                                                Linda Miller

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