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Rabbi Jim Appel has been the spiritual leader of Congregation Shema Yisrael since 1996 and a Jewish follower of Yeshua since 1977. He is ordained by the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues.Rabbi Jim previously worked for Xerox Corporation in Webster, N.Y., for 24 years as an optical engineer and engineering manager. He holds more than 45 patents in the areas of copier imaging systems and laser printing. Rabbi Jim received a bachelor’s degree in optical engineering from the University of Rochester in 1967 and a master’s degree in physics from the University of Southern California in 1970. Rabbi Jim decided to follow Yeshua after a long spiritual search. He grew up with parents who taught him that G-d did not exist and organized religion deceived and oppressed people. In 1967, after completing college, Jim became disillusioned with life as an atheist.  He rejected his parent’s teachings and began his search for spiritual reality. This search took him into the world of mind-altering drugs and yoga meditation, and ended with a dramatic encounter with Yeshua the Messiah, who revealed himself to Rabbi Jim in the privacy of his bedroom without the assistance of any other person. Rabbi Jim and his wife, Diane, live in Brighton, and they have two grown children. 

Rabbi Jim's Books


The Scriptures command us to celebrate the holiday traditionally called Rosh Hashanah, or the Feast of Trumpets, with shouts of joy and the sounding of the Shofar. But why? What are we supposed to be so happy about and why the Shofar? This book answers those questions with new revelation from Scripture. It reveals the profound significance of the Shofar, and the deep meaning for this appointed day. Find out what has been hidden from followers of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah for more than 1700 years.

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Yom Kippur (Hebrew for the Day of Atonement) is one of the Moadim, one of the Appointed Times of the Lord.  In the Bible, G-d commands Israel to keep this appointment and gives instructions on how to do so. To Jewish people, Yom Kippur is the most holy day of the whole year. It is the holiest of the autumn High Holy Days, a very serious, somber, sacred day.  G-d has set the agenda for Yom Kippur, and we need to find out what that is. What agenda did G-d have in mind for this day in the End Times? What power does it hold for your personal walk of faith and for spiritual warfare? Find out more in this book.


(Chag Pesach)

Passover is one of the most important Appointed Time of the Bible. This book teaches what Passover is all about and shows with Scriptural evidence how Yeshua (Jesus) built on the original Covenant and on the traditional Passover Seder to establish the Covenant Renewal Meal for the New Covenant. As you learn the  connections between the Passover ceremonial traditions and the Last Supper and Communion, you will become more grateful for what Yeshua’s sacrifice accomplished. You will also be encouraged by the promises of Yeshua as we celebrate Passover, and commemorate His death until He returns.

Resurrection Book, front cover, gold, be


This is an obscure Biblical holiday, one that has been forgotten by traditional Jewish people, even though it is clearly commanded in the Torah. Yeshua's Resurrection occurred on this special Biblical holiday/Appointed Time. It was already a celebrated day in the Torah, beautifully designed and commanded by G-d Himself. Learn about other Appointed Times/Moadim that overlap on that day, and their connections. Find the significance it holds for you personally and for all mankind!


Is God tugging your heart to learn more about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the Jewishness of the Bible? Theses books will cover all the basics while also feeding and blessing your soul at the same time.

This course is mostly written by Rabbi Jim Appel who has been teaching it at his Messianic synagogue for nearly two decades. 


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