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Shema Present

Present State of Shema Yisrael:

What is Lacking:

Reason For The Capital Campaign

  • Lack of visibility to the local Jewish community.  Our present location is well outside of the local Jewish community, most Jewish people are unaware of our existence.  Having a facility visible to the Jewish community would make us more effective.

  • Lack of alternatives for the "spiritually seeking" Jewish people.  Many of the 25,000 Jewish people in the Greater Rochester area are "spiritually seeking" especially among Intermarried Couples and adult children of Intermarried Couples.  Congregation Shema Yisrael can provide an alternative for them but, because of our current location, they are unaware of our existence.  

  • Lack of accessibility for Jewish Believers.  Jewish people who have come to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah are unaware of Shema Yisrael's existence and that we are a place where they can follow Yeshua without having to lose their Jewish identity, enabling them to more effectively reach family and friends with the Good News.  

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