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Fundraising Goals

Excellent Goal:  $310,000 Goal over a 2 year period:

This goal will allow us to purchase the Edgewood facility with an

affordable mortgage, enabling us to continue our current programs

and operations.  

Exciting Goal:  $790,000 Goal over a 2 year period:

This kind of commitment would be an exciting result and would keep our mortgage payment the same as it is today, allowing us to expand our programs and operations.


Extraordinary Goal:  $910,000 Goal over a 2 year period:

This goal would give us the incredible opportunity to purchase this facility without a mortgage.  Our God is an extraordinary God and He can do the extraordinary!

How to Participate

Give a One-time up-front gift.

Ask God what He would have you contribute.  

Making a weekly or monthly pledge.

Spreading out your giving over a 2 year period, you can contribute for more than you thought was possible. 

Give Stocks, securities or assets.

A creative way to participant is by donating stocks, securities or assests.


Consider sacrificial giving.

This is not giving recklessly or presumptuously without attention to the reality of one's financial circumstances.  Sacrificial giving means to sacrifice something you are paying for now, in order to be able to financially support what the Lord has put on your heart. 

For example, giving up Cable TV should save about $120 per month.  That's 2900 over 2 years.  Giving up going out to lunch once per week for a couple would save $3600 over 2 years.   Other ways to sacrificially giving could involve finding additional work to do, or selling some things you don't need anymore.  

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Quotes from Members

I really did learn my Jewish roots, but more than that feel like I better understand God's character and ways. My prayer life and language have dramatically grown, and my faith in God's provision and healing.   I also have mentors and accountability here, which is so valuable. 

 - SG

Edgewood is a bigger facility so we have room to grow as a congregation.  Hopefully, too, we will become known and visible to the community in Brighton and to all the Jewish people who live in our City.   

- Judith Benhamou

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