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Are you between the ages of 13 and 35? Do you want to be part of fellowship, fun and to learn more about G-d and His word?

If so, contact Gabriel Roth and Hannah Campbell for more information.

Our Vision

We provide a group for young people to hang out and learn from one another, studying the Bible and building each other up.

During our group meetings, we will be playing music and dancing, and engaging in other fun activities such as games, sports, and movie nights. We will also be learning some fun life skills, and be involved in a few service projects.

What We Do

We will be doing some combination of the following:

· Fellowship

· Music and dancing

· Food

· Fun

· Games and movies

· Bible Study

· Serving others

Gabriel Roth and Hannah Campbell - Khavurah Group Leaders

Gabriel Roth and Hannah Campbell will be married in June. They met while working at Lowes Home Improvement.

Gabriel grew up in a believing household and has been a part of the Messianic Movement for three years.

Hannah grew up at Congregation Shema Yisrael, and has been a Messianic believer for most of her life.

They are both part of the congregation's worship and sound ministries, and enjoy working with young people and believe that music, food, and fun all go hand in hand with learning about the L-rd.

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